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Program Highlights

Duration : 1 Years

Semester : 1

Our professional jewellery designing course will cover how to illustrate your ideas accurately ano attractively. Students will learn how to transfer their creative ideas into a piece of paper.

Courses Highlights

Manual Designing

Sourcing & Creating Innovative Jewellery Design.
Understanding Global Jewellery Design Market.
Creating Portfolio.

Computer Aided Jevvellery Designing (CAD)

Techniques of Designing.
Understanding 3D Models ofJewellery.
Understanding of Jewellery Settings.
Building & Modifying Basic Designs and Visualizing Various, Colors & Materials of the Software.

Semester : 2

In this semester you will learn all of the factors that affects a diamonds appearance & value. You will also learn the mosrhands-orrpractical gemological experience..

Courses Highlights


Knowledge about Diamond’s from Mines to Market.
Understanding of The 4c’s of Diamond Quality.
Understanding of Assortment Process.
Diamond Valuation & Pricing.


Identification of Gemstones.
Understanding Navgrah Gerns.
Valuation & Pricing of Gernstone.
Market Study & Analysis on Colored Stone.