Master in Gems & Jewellery

The Master Program is designed to train professionals to enter and succeed in the complex world of gems and jewellery, a field that has been constantly changing over the past two decades and that requires a thorough understanding of all its aspects. The professional must be able to operate in different areas of the Jewellery, i.e. diamond grading, jewellery designing, luxury watches, fine Jewellery, precious gemstones, diamond trading, fashion accessories and metal, with an open mind asset for both creative and operative aspects. The Master also offers a broad and strategic vision on trends and market developments.

The Master course students end with a final project, as a synthesis of the academic course, useful later as a portfolio to enter the job market or own jewellery business. It is also the proper specialization for professionals and artisans looking for a deepening into technical aspects as well as the ones related to the market and product management.


Jewellery Designer • Diamond Sorter/Grader • lab gemologist • Jewellery Business Owner • Jewellery CAD Specialist • Gem Lab and Research Professional • Jewellery Merchandiser • Retailer • Jewellery Sales Associate • Wholesaler • Jewellery Sales & Marketing

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  • Jewellery history and eras of jewellery with designing technique
  • Variants of jewellery worn in national and international market
  • Inspiration and theme based designing
  • Understanding of rendering techniques
  • Study on market trends
  • Creating portfolio


  • 2d knowledge of designing
  • Understanding of 3d modeling of jewellery
  • Understanding of various jewellery settings
  • Building and modifying the designs using 3d software
  • Creating your own designs on software Exam and tests
  • Field trips and factory visits


  • Introduction of rough diamond.
  • Introduction of worldwide diamond source
  • Diamonds from mines to market
  • Rough diamond planning and marking
  • Rough diamond assortment and grading
  • Planning of rough diamonds
  • Learn the 4c’s of diamond quality
  • Grading of polished diamond according to 4c’s
  • Grading of fancy shape diamonds
  • Understanding of synthetic, treated & simulants of diamonds


  • Understanding of identification of gemstone
  • Colored stone grading and valuation
  • Updates on synthetics, imitation and treatments identification
  • Sources of worldwide gemstones
  • Market study and analysis on colored stones
  • Understanding of jewellery manufacturing process
  • Wax setting and stone setting
  • Wax injection, clearing, tree making
  • Vacuum and investment casting
  • Factory visits and field trips

In preparation for careers in the art world, students will:

  • Learn the technical terms to identify different media, and assess in gems and jewellery world
  • Learn the art of grading diamond and gemstones
  • Manual jewellery designing and valuation
  • Learn the identification of gemstones, semi precious stones with pricing.
  • Be an expert in matrix cad jewellery software
  • Work with India’s most experienced jewellery designer and manufacturer
  • Travelling to hongkong, sri lanka and Mumbai for further jewellery study.
  • Completed admission Form
  • Course Part Fees
  • 10th pass or 10+2 result copy
  • Id proof
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Personal interview (by invitation only). Invitations will be sent once all application materials have been submitted

Tuition and Fee Structure
Master Program in Gems & Jewellery

Tuition and fees cover most educational and administrative expenses. The student registration and services fee includes term registration, administrative costs.

Total Course Fees
INR 1, 85,000/- + 18% GST
Installment: 4

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Undergraduate Program – 3 Years

1 11th Jan, 2021 3 Year 3 Hrs
2 24th May, 2021 3 Year 3 Hrs


Masters Program in Gems & Jewellery – 2 Years

1 11th Jan, 2021 2 Year 3/2 Hrs
2 17th May, 2021 2 Year 3/2 Hrs
3 5th July, 2021 2 Year 3/2 Hrs
4 13th Sept, 2021 2 Year 3/2 Hrs
5 6th Dec, 2021 2 Year 3/2 Hrs


Graduate Program in Jewellery Professional – 1 Year

(Jewellery Manual + Jewellery CAD Matrix + Jewellery Production)

1 11th Jan, 2021 1 Year 3/2 Hrs
2 8th March, 2021 1 Year 3/2 Hrs
3 24th May, 2021 1 Year 3/2 Hrs
3 13th Sept, 2021 1 Year 3/2 Hrs


Graduate Program in Gems & Jewellery – 1 Year

(Diamond Valuation + Jewellery Manual + Jewellery CAD + Gemology)

1 11th Jan, 2021 1 Year 3/2 Hrs
2 8th March, 2021 1 Year 3/2 Hrs
3 24th May, 2021 1 Year 3/2 Hrs
4 13th Sept, 2021 1 Year 3/2 Hrs
5 6th Dec, 2021 1 Year 3/2 Hrs