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Program Highlights

Duration : 2 Years

Semester : 1

In this semester students will learn how to transfer their creative ideas into a piece of paper.

ISGJ offers comprehensive course structure and curriculam with experienced faculty.

Course Highlights

Jewellery History & Eras of Jewellery and Building design on that.
Variants of Jewellery Worn in National & International Market.
Inspiration & Theme Based Designing.
Understanding of Rendering Techniques.
Study on Market Trends.
Creating Portfolio.
Exams And Test.
Field Trips and Factory Visits.

Semester : 2

In this semester students will learn how to design jewellery models with the help of experienced faculty to better understand the basic commands and tools of the 3d software.

Course Highlights

2D Knowledge of Designing.
Understanding of 3D Modeling of Jewellery.
Understanding of Various Jewellery Settings.
Building & Modifying The Designs Using The 3D Software.
Creating Your Own Designs on Software.
Exam and Tests.
Field Trips & Factory Visits.

Semester : 3

In this semester students will get a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of rough and polish diamonds and how the diamond market operates worldwide.

Students will acquire profound orientation in planning and marking of rough diamonds. Students will also learn diamond grading techniques and its value.

Course Highlights

Introduction of Rough Diamond.
Introduction of Worldwide Diamond Source.
Diamonds From Mines to Market.
Rough Diamond Planning & Marking.
Rough Diamond Assortment & Grading.
Planning of Rough Diamond According to Purity, Yield, Inclusion, Extra Piece Etc.
Learn The 4c’s of Diamond Quality.
Grading of Polished Diamond According to 4c’s .
Grading of Fancy Shape Diamonds.
Understanding of Synthetic, Treated & Simulants of Diamonds.

Semester : 4

In this semester students will learn the most ‘hands-on’ practical gemological experience.identification of natural,synthatic and treated gemstones.

This semester also covers the jewellery manufacturing & casting program, and basic stone setting & wax setting.

Course Highlights

Understanding of Identification of Gemstone.
Colored Stone Grading & Valuation.
Updates on Synthetics, Imitation and Treatments Identification.
Sources of Worldwide Gemstones.
Market Study and Analysis on Colored Stones.
Understanding of Jewellery Manufacturing Process.
Wax Setting & Stone Setting.
Wax Injection – Clearing – Tree Making.
Vaccume & Investment Casting.
Factory Visits & Field Trips.